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The human body can heal itself of almost anything when the physical and emotional conditions of one's life are conducive to healing. The effectiveness of sessions is enhanced by a willingness to change lifestyle habits that may be affecting the body adversely.

• The first visit is 90 minutes and includes full evaluation

   and treatment.

• Intake form: can be downloaded and emailed to me

  prior to your visit.

• 60 and 90 minute follow-up sessions are available

 Shiatsu and Thai bodywork is classically performed on

 a futon mat on the floor. It can also be received on a     chair or massage table. Special needs can be     accommodated.

• As Shiatsu and Thai bodywork is a natural progressive   healing modality, a series of sessions will create the

 most profound health changes. A sequence of

 treatments is an excellent way to reach the core of long

 standing issues.

• Each person reacts differently to bodywork. You may

 leave a session relaxed and calm, or rejuvenated and


• It is important that one does not exercise or do heavy

 work after a treatment, as the body needs this energy to

 so its healing.

Tips to Enhance

your Bodywork

• It is important that you are on time for your appt.

  If you are late, your remaining time may not be

  sufficient for your full treatment.

• Don’t leave your cell phone on. Truly use this is

  your time to detach completely from your reality

  and allow yourself time to care for yourself

• Remove your jewelry, watches and glasses.

  Stay hydrated

• Share any special issues with your asian

  bodywork therapist

• Feel free to communicate with your practitioner

  if anything during the session needs to be


• Relax and Enjoy